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Resume & Cover Letter Tips & Templates

How you write your resume and cover letter will have a very large impact on your response rate from employers. We have seen many people get a few responses with one resume and cover letter, and DOZENS of responses with a re-written resume and cover letter. This section is designed to assist you in making a high response resume and cover letter, but is not designed to take the place of a resume and cover letter writing service. If you do not think your resume or cover letter are good, and do not have the time, motivation, or skill to make them better, you may want to consider using a resume and cover letter writing service.

If you are making your own resume or cover letter, the first thing to realize is that they are NOT designed to get you a job, and a worthwhile company will NOT hire you because of your resume or cover letter...PERIOD!

The purpose of a resume and cover letter is to get you interviews! Your resume and cover letter are advertisements saying "hey you...look at me...I am worth your time to interview, give me a call for an interview!"

Really effective resumes and cover letters often follow the same rules as really effective direct response advertising. Here are some tips to help you to improve your resume and cover letter:

  1. Use A Cover Letter and write it from the "YOU" perspective Versus the "I" perspective: This perspective makes it easy for the person seeing your resume to understand how your experience and background, desires and objectives tie into their needs.
    Example Of The "YOU" Perspective:
    Would someone with 2 years experience in XXXX, and is ready to grow for the long term with your company, be a positive asset to your organization?
    Versus The "I" Perspective:
    I am writing you seeking employment, I have 2 years experience in XXXX, and I am seeking a company that offers long term growth.
  2. Be confident in your cover letter and resume, you need to stand out and grab the attention of the recipient. This is not the time to be timid!
    Example Of Confident:
    Would a person who has work ethic like the old days, glows with a positive and friendly attitude, gets along with everyone at work, has endless ambition, and is ready to start where you need me then work my way up, be an asset to your organization?
  3. Put a clear call to action in your cover letter so the person calls you!
    Example Of A Call To Action:
    If you like what you see on my resume, pick up the phone and call me at XXX-XXXX in the day, or XXX-XXXX in the evening. I will be available for employment in about 14 days.
  4. Have a clearly stated objective on your resume and keep your resume to 1 or 2 pages. The person getting your resume often has many job responsibilities that are totally separate from hiring. You need to make it easy for them to assess if you're a good potential fit for the position. If you're not really sure about your objective, and want to keep options open, just make a general objective, it's better than no objective.
    Example of a General Objective:
    To Find A Fantastic Company And Contribute All My Talents & Energy To Its "xxx" Department
    Example Of A Specific Objective For A Sales Resume:
    To Break All Individual Sales Records At A Progressive Company In The Advertising Industry Within Two Years Of My Start Date, Then Move Up Through Promotions
  5. Turn your "experience" into tangible results on your resume. Tell them what you actually delivered in terms of tangible results. Results tell them what your experience actually means, so they can say, "wow" rather than "humm".
    Example of Listing Experience:
    Sales Manager For Eastern United States, Managed 29 Sales Reps, Etc...
    Example Of Results:
    Increased sales by 23% in 12 months for the Eastern United States through a 29 person sales force.

The main thing to understand is that your resume is designed to get you an interview, and as such, you need to make it easy to understand and interesting so that you get the phone calls!

Along the left column of this page are some free resume and cover letter examples made in MS Word. They are free for you to use as a template and a guideline in making your own resume. To download any one of them to your computer, just click on the resume or cover letter you like, then click "save as" and save it to your computer. Once they are on your computer you can replace the information in the resumes with your actual information. After you're happy with the resume, get it out there as much as possible so you can start getting interviews!

Good Luck Out There!