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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Isn't This Free and Why Should I Do It?

This is dramatically different from posting your resume for free with the big online sites where you endlessly hope the right type of employer will find your resume among 40,000,000+ (that's forty million) other resumes, and then call you...

Here you are paying to proactively have hundreds, even thousands of companies that you choose receive your clearly printed, graphically impressive resume and cover letter by fax. You are faxing it from our database and fax computers directly to the decision maker in the businesses you choose. Your resume will stand out because it is being delivered in a fax transmission without other competing resumes, and your resume is automatically addressed on the header to a high level decision maker in the business.

Your resume gets seen 100% of the time because it is delivered already opened, just like all faxes. Our system automatically prints on the header


so secretaries route it directly to that person rather than treating it like a random fax that could be filed or trashed. Compared to the millions of online resumes being posted or the hundreds of emailed resumes a company may receive but never even open, here your resume will get seen!

You should do this because it is the most time saving, high response method of job hunting that we have ever discovered. For as little as $29.95, and with only minutes of your time, over 100 companies of your choosing will have a printed copy of your resume and cover letter...delivered already opened and addressed to the actual decision maker in the business. And the prices per company faxed get better and better the more companies you fax. Most job hunters actually fax over 1,000 companies...which is a fantastic value.

Can I Make Sure My Current Employer Does Not Get My Resume?

Yes. During the order review step you will have the opportunity to remove as many fax numbers as you wish. Any faxing you do will always be filtered against your personal "Do-Not-Fax List." Rest assured, no fax number on your do-not-fax list will get your resume and cover letter. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR ORDER.

If you only have company names, you will also find a "View/Edit" button on the order review page that will allow you to remove any companies from your list by name that you do not wish to fax to.

You must understand that companies often have multiple name listings. This is because companies often trade under various names, you may list "American Funds" to be removed but they may also trade or have traded in the past as "Funds Unlimited" and then they consequently get your resume.

The only way to 100% guarantee a company will not get your faxed resume is to have all the actual fax numbers that exist for that given company and to place each of those numbers into your "do-not-fax list ".

What Companies Will Get My Resume?

You have access to 3,900,000+ (that's THREE MILLION, NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND) companies divided into 73 different category types, 7 employer sizes, and tons of geographical choices. You choose the company types that see your resume, so you get responses from companies you're interested in working for.

How Accurate Are The Names On The Employer List?

Each fax is addressed to the highest level decision maker at the location receiving your fax, and that data is up to 90% accurate or better in most cases.

How Should I Address My Cover Page?

Our system prints the highest level decision maker's name in the top left header section of each page. Example: "Deliver To-->Joe Smith" if Joe Smith is the highest level decision maker. So, your cover page should be addressed with a generic salutation such as: "Dear Sir / Madam" or some similar salutation. Also, in the place where you would normally sign your name on the cover page, there are 3 options:

  1. Just delete the blank area between your closing and your name so there is no space looking like your cover page is missing a signature.
  2. Use a script font and "sign" your cover using a script font.
  3. Scan your signature and place it properly in your cover letter.

How Do I Know My Resume Really Got Delivered?

There are 2 ways to know:

  1. Login to your account to see your purchase history. There you will find every resume faxing you have done, and the list of companies that your resume was submitted for faxing, along with a completion report that will list the total number of faxes submitted, the total number of errors, and the total number of successful faxes.
  2. You will get calls from employers within 72 hours of faxing your resume.

Are These Companies Advertising Positions Open Right Now?

Yes and no... You will get all the companies in your chosen category regardless of whether they are running ads for positions open at their company, so in many cases you will get there before they have posted an online advertisement.

Also, many surveys show that as much as 87% of positions are not filled through advertised postings. So you are reaching everyone that could hire you, not just the ones who are running ads.

Do I Get To See The List Of Companies That Received My Resume?

Yes, you may preview and even edit the list before faxing and after faxing is complete you may login to your account and see which companies received your resume.

What Response Rate Should I Expect?

Typical response rates range from 1% to 5%. There are many factors outside of your control in your response rate, but having an Attention Grabbing / Compelling Cover Letter & Resume makes a huge difference. In addition, the more companies you fax, the more responses you will get so fax to 1,000 or more companies if you can.

Why Fax Instead of Email?

The entire objective of sending a resume to a potential employer is to capture their attention and grab enough of their interest to call you for interviewing...PERIOD. With that being said, what percentage of emailed resumes do you think are deleted without being opened? In addition, how much time and attention do you think your resume gets in email when it is waiting in someone's inbox along with dozens, or even hundreds of competing emailed resumes?

Fax is delivered open, so your resume will get seen 100% of the time, it's also delivered without other competing resumes, giving you more attention and better odds of an interview. And, if you have a nicely formatted resume, it is delivered with the same graphic appeal, whereas email is just a messy text file.

Additionally, how many emailed resumes have you sent out, and what has been your response rate so far? What do you have to lose by using fax instead?

Will My Resume Have A Professional Appearance Using Fax?

Yes, your resume is transmitted in fine resolution instead of "standard" so it will look as good as a direct print from your computer to a printer.

I Need To Make Sure This Is Confidential, How Can I Do This?

Confidentiality can only be obtained through your efforts in not revealing specific information on your resume and cover letter that would lead a recipient to know "it's you". To remain "secretive" make sure your resume does not give any specific information that reveals your identity. Many job hunters use a fake name and in the cover letter mention they are using a "fake" name for confidentiality. Many job seekers even set up a voice mail phone number with the local phone company other than their actual home phone number and that is the number printed on all the resumes.

What Are My Options?

This is easy, just click on "Get Started" and select the type of companies you want, and the geography you want, then click "Get a Count." Once you have a count, you will be given a price to fax your resume and cover letter. If the count is small, just go back and select a larger geographic area, or more "company types" then click "get a count". If your count is too big, just select fewer company types or a smaller geographic region, and click "get a count."

How Does The Guarantee Work?

We are enabling you to reach many, many, many companies of your choosing with your resume and cover letter. In our experience, we have found that sending out a minimum of 1,000 resumes gets enough interviews for candidates to find a job. Many candidates have great success by sending to 5,000+ to 10,000+ employers.

If you send to 1,000 or more companies, and do not have a job 30 days later, we will let you pick another group of companies similar in number to your original purchase, and send it again at 50% OFF, and this will continue every 30 days until you have a job! If you let 120 days elapse from your original order without using the guarantee, the guarantee expires.

Example: Your original purchase was to fax 2,193 employers, if you do not have a job 30 days later, you can do it again to another group of about 2,200 employers. If your original purchase was to 1,093 employers, and you do not have a job 30 days later, you can pick another group of about 1,100 employers and fax again at 50% OFF. The larger your initial purchase, the larger number of employers you get in your guarantee.

If you pick 500 or more companies to fax, and do not have a job 30 days later, we will let you pick another 500 companies and fax one more time at 50% OFF. If you have less than 500 companies, you are still getting a fantastic value compared to mailing resumes, but there is no guarantee.

How Does This Compare To Emailing My Resume To Recruiters?

You are reaching the actual companies and the decision makers in these companies, literally skipping the "middle man" recruiter. Would you rather reach a "middle man" recruiter, or get straight to the source? With JobsByFax you get straight to the source!

Additionally, recruiters are bombarded with tons and tons of emailed resumes, making it

What Is The Policy On Refunds?

There are no refunds. If you faxed over 1,000 employers, and have not found a job 30 days later, you may fax to a new group of the same size at 50% off until you have a job! Try asking the postal service for a guarantee like that next time you're mailing out resumes!

Can I change my resume or cover letter after I place my order?

When you place your order, the cover letter and resume you have on the system at that point in time will be faxed to the group of employers you have selected. Before you place your order, be sure the correct versions are uploaded for faxing.

After you placed your order, if you realize you have made a mistake on your cover letter or resume, call us immediately. Uploading a new cover letter or resume does not update the fax order that you already placed. You must speak directly with our Customer Service Department (1-800-309-9188) to ensure that the correct resume or cover letter is in place for faxing.

If your order is already faxing or fully faxed, we are not able to change it.

Can I create multiple orders using different resumes?

Yes. When you place an order, a copy of your uploaded resume and cover letter are made for the order. When you come back to place another order, the system will remember the last documents you uploaded, but you are welcome to upload new ones as well.

What If My Resume Isn't In PDF Format?

No to worry. Making a PDF file is not that difficult.

  1. In Microsoft Word, you may click File > Export and select PDF. Choose a place to save your new file and click export.
  2. In Windows you can print almost anything to a special printer called "Microsoft Print to PDF." When you print to this printer it will ask where you want to save the PDF file and when you print, it will make a PDF file.
  3. Here are some other options from wikiHow