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JobsByFax Will No Longer Be Accepting New Orders

After nearly two decades assisting people throughout the country in their job hunts, it is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to cease operations effective April 1, 2021.

Get 10+ employers calling you to interview in the next 72 hours. Guaranteed Results!

Fax Your Resume Directly To Employers, Get The Unadvertised Jobs!

  • You Choose From Our Database of 3,626,344 Employers, Get the right ones for you
  • Your Resume Will Be Seen, Guaranteed Because It's Delivered Open By Fax
  • Your Resume is Faxed Directly to the Decision Maker so you skip the gatekeeper
  • Fax Thousands of Employers for a fraction of postage
  • Beat Competition To The Job, be there before the job is ever advertised
  • Get 10+ Employers calling you, GUARANTEED!*
*Average based on customers that fax 1,000 companies receiving 10 calls.
Don't believe us, listen to what real customers have to say...
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Robin Brooks Video
Robin Brooks

"...On the job boards I didn't find any success...I was a little skeptical of JobsByFax at first...I sent out about 600 targeted faxes and got about 10 calls on day one..."

Bill McCloud Video
Bill McCloud

"...I was skeptical at first like so many of your clients...Once you faxed my cover letter and resume, I received 16 calls. After three interviews, I chose the company who was the very first call I received..."

Jay Soucie Video
Jay Soucie

"...The first day I received 35 phone calls and today I have received 5. I have already made 10 appointments. I will certainly say that your program is phenomenal..."

Facts You Need on Why Job Hunting is so Frustrating...
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  • Emails have a significant deletion rate without ever being opened. It is simply overwhelming to the person making a hiring decision, they have too many emailed resumes to go through PLUS tons of emails from their regular job duties.
  • There are over 40,000,000 (that's forty million) resumes posted at the 3 big online sites combined, so it's no wonder that posting resumes does not get much of a response.
  • 70% to 80% of job openings are filled without a company ever running a job posting online or in the newspaper. This means for every 2 to 3 jobs you find online or in the newspaper, there are 7 to 8 other jobs out there you're not seeing! And almost every job hunter is chasing the 2 to 3 you are seeing online or in the newspaper, making it tough for everybody.
  • Roughly 1/3 of companies at any point in time are planning on making a hiring decision in the next 60 days. This means if you faxed your resume to 1,000 companies from the phone book, about 330 would be planning to make a hiring decision in the next 60 days, and only 20% to 30% of those jobs are going to be online or in the newspaper.
  • Recruiters usually charge companies 30% of your salary, so companies LOVE hiring without a recruiter.
  • Conducting a job search is like "advertising" or marketing a product, so a 1% to 5% response rate is pretty good. That means you have to contact 100 companies to get 1 to 5 responses, and that will take many hours.
  • Proactively pursuing your "Dream Job" is the most successful way to get it. Proactively means you find companies you want to work for and you contact them, and network, and pursue interviews through any and all means possible.
Facts About Faxing Your Resume...
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  • When you fax your resume it is delivered already opened, unlike email or mail, the recipient will see your resume because it is delivered open. It is not deleted or thrown out prior to being seen.
  • When you fax your resume addressed to the actual decision maker at the business, the secretary WILL ALMOST ALWAYS put it on that person's desk. It looks like it has been requested or you know that person, and the secretary is afraid to goof up by throwing out something that the boss is expecting.
  • When you fax your resume, it is being delivered WITHOUT hundreds of other competing resumes, so your resume actually gets reviewed.
  • When you fax your resume to large numbers of employers, you reach those 70% to 80% of positions that are not going to be advertised online or in the newspaper.
  • When you fax your resume to a large number of employers, even a 1% response rate lands you interviews immediately.
  • When you fax your resume, you can target the types of employers you want to work for instead of chasing the same job postings everybody else is seeing.
  • When you fax your resume to employers, you skip the "middle man" recruiter, who can't even hire you in the first place. If the employer likes you, they are double happy to hire you because they save tons of money skipping the recruiter.
Here is what you will get when you use JobsByFax:
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  • You will save countless hours of job searching online and in newspaper.
  • You will get employers calling you for interviews almost immediately after faxing your resume and cover letter.
  • You will reach the type of employers you choose, so you find the type of job you want. We have taken 3.9 Million employers and divided them into 73 employer types, tons of geographical choices, and even company sizes.
  • You will find jobs opportunities you never would have known existed.
  • You will have a ton less job seekers competing for the job.
Using this site is EASY and Quick:
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  1. Select the type of employers and the locality you want to fax your resume to using the "Get Started Here" button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Upload your resume and cover letter, and fill in contact information. You will then get the exact price to fax your resume.
  3. Pay using a credit card, then your resume and cover letter is on its way to the boss's desk at the employer types you selected!
  4. You will even have the option to review and edit the exact list of companies that get your resume!
There must be a catch right? Actually there are two:
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  1. You need to have a cover page and resume that stands out and quickly tells the employer your strongest benefits. If you send out a boring resume, and skip a cover letter, you will NOT get the same success as someone who does. Use the "Resume Tips" section of this site for free cover letters and resume samples that you can download and then modify to fit your situation.
  2. You must have enough employers receiving your resume where our typical 1%+ response rate would yield phone calls. If you select only about 100 companies to receive your fax, you should get 1+ calls for interviews VERSUS faxing it to 1,000+ employers, you should get 10+ responses. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FAXING TO 5,000 OR MORE EMPLOYERS. This way, even with a 1% response rate, you would get 50+ calls, and that is usually enough calls to land a job that fits your needs and interests. If you are in a smaller city that only has a few hundred employers, JobsByFax is still useful, but your experience is not guaranteed because 1%+ response rate is just a few calls.
Tell me about the guarantee...
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  1. We guarantee that if you send a properly written cover letter and resume to at least 1,000+ or more employers, that you will get at least 10 employers calling you to interview! In the event that you do not get the calls, AND have not become employed within 30 days of using JobsByFax, we will evaluate your cover letter and resume free of charge and help you make a new selection of employers to fax that is equal in size to your original order, at 50% OFF. If for any reason you are still unemployed 30 days after that, you can again fax to another group of employers equal in size to your original faxing, at 50% OFF. So you keep using the service every 30 days, at 50% OFF until you have job! With over 3.9 Million employers in the JobsByFax database, you will likely never run out of employers to fax! This investment for your job hunting success works, believe me, we can not afford the service to fail with a guarantee like this!

    We highly recommend you send to 5,000+ or more employers instead of 1,000+ because you are likely to find the right job on the first time around. Each month you go without employment is thousands of dollars in lost earnings. We set the guarantee at 1,000+ because the investment is affordable to the majority of job hunters. However, we find more job hunters using the guarantee when they fax to the minimum number required (1,000 employers), but very few job hunters exercise their guarantee when they fax to over 5,000+ employers. The key issue here is time, the faster you are employed, the less in lost wages. When you consider the extra cost to fax to 5,000+ instead of 1,000+, VERSUS the cost of lost income for even one week, but especially one month, faxing to 5,000+ is a bargain! So, fax to as many potential employers as is possible for your financial situation.
  2. For those job hunters in smaller cities through the country that can not find over 1,000+ employers to fax, fax at least 500, and if you do not have a job 30 days later, you can resend the same size one more time at 50% OFF. If you have less than 500 employers in your search, this still beats the cost and time of mailing resumes, so go ahead and try it!
If you're still not sure, consider this:
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  • How much money are you losing each week not having the job you want? How does that amount of money compare to the relatively small sum it takes to quickly and easily start landing interviews NOW? If you land a job 30 days sooner using this service, you could earn thousands more this year because of it!
  • What will happen to you financially if 30 days from now you still do not have the job you want? What will happen 60 days from now?
  • Proactively going after the job you want is the most successful method of getting a good job! Online and newspapers only account for 20% to 30% of all the jobs available, faxing your resume will get to all the employers you choose and make it into the boss's hands!

If you're tired of spending hours and hours searching online job postings, and emailing resumes for what seems like no positive response, take action now, and go after the job you want!

CLICK HERE to choose your employer selection criteria, then upload your resume and cover letter, then take out your credit card and pay to have your resume faxed into the boss's hands at the employers you choose!